How did I get here?

It was the 80’s dude – the mid 80’s, and I was just about to start school in a tiny country town after living in the suburbs of Sydney.  My friend had come across the Red “Mentzer” Basic set (BECMI) and brought it up on a visit in the school holidays and I was hooked. Alas he went home and took the set with him and I couldn’t get a copy anywhere. In a strange twist of fate not long after on a family holiday in Port Macquarie, I stumbled across a small games shop (go figure?!) and there it was on the shelf, so now I had my very own copy!

Once the novelty of living in the country wore off (motorbikes, guns, knives, bows and arrows etc) we were all pretty bored and D&D was the the antidote. We worked all the way through the Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters and Immortal boxes, and then moved onto AD&D and AD&D second edition.

Eventually we all went our separate ways and I had honestly thought that the hobby had died out, I missed the 3rd and 4th editions and all the d20 stuff. I guess I thought that video games must have eclisped D&D and sent it into extinction.

I’m glad I was wrong! A random blog post about the free 5th Edition PDF downloads caught my eye so I downloaded those and was hooked once more. I discovered a great local games shop right near my place, along with a great group to play with there in Adventurer’s League and I’m absolutely loving it. I was always the DM in my high school group, so I’m really enjoying being a player this time around.

D&D rulez!